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Traffic Signal System Upgrades & Maintenance


Between today’s more modern traffic signals and their older siblings, pros and cons for each can exist depending on the needs of the local community. Below are some traffic signal upgrades that will help with traffic flow issues your city or town may be suffering from.


When a traffic signal system needs an update, or upgrade or when the old detection has failed, TLS can get your intersections working to improve safety and reduce congestion. 


Traffic signal loops called inductive-loop traffic detectors are devices embedded in the roadway that detects the presence of a vehicle stopped at a traffic signal. When a vehicle is detected, this sends a signal to the traffic controller that tells it to change the traffic signal to green. traffic signal loops are important for traffic flow because they allow traffic signals to adapt to changes in traffic patterns.


Wireless traffic signal control systems, (also known as WTSCS), are a type of traffic management system that uses wireless communication technology to control traffic signals. WTSCSs are used in areas where the installation of traditional traffic signal systems would be difficult or impossible, such as in dense urban areas or in areas with a high volume of traffic.


Traffic signal systems such as radar are new technologies that can help reduce traffic volumes. Traffic signal radar is a device used to detect the presence of vehicles at traffic signals. It works by transmitting a signal and then measuring the time it takes for the signal to return. This information is used to calculate the speed of vehicles approaching or passing the traffic signal. 


A pedestrian crossing, also known as a crosswalk, is an intersection where pedestrians can safely cross the road. Intersection safely is of the highest priority which is where TLS pedestrian crossing sign expertise comes into play.


A preemption traffic signal is a special type of traffic signal that gives priority to certain types of traffic. For example, emergency vehicles such as ambulances or police cars may be given priority at preemption traffic signals so they can get through intersections quickly where two intersections or more meet. This can help to improve safety and reduce congestion.

FYA (Flashing Yellow Arrow)

FYA (Flashing Yellow Arrow) is a newer operation to aid against a “Yellow Trap” type scenario. It is especially beneficial in locations where there is a high volume of pedestrian traffic and for drivers, as they allow them to continue through the intersection without having to come to a complete stop. FYA requires several factors to implement please call us for more information.

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