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Traffic Signal Services

Traffic Signal Repair

We understand the importance of reliable traffic signals. If you experience damage to traffic signal infrastructure, a controller or detection system that is not working properly, or a wiring or conduit problem, TLS can provide a solution.

We keep a large stock of traffic signal components and are very experienced with all leading manufacturers of controller and detection equipment. We will make sure your traffic signals meet all applicable state and federal standards. We have the ability to put a temporary solution in place to guarantee safety while we work on a permanent solution. 

Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on order to take care of all your traffic signal repair needs. We also offer Maintenance Agreements to help you manage maintenance cost and services.

Traffic Signal Upgrades

If you are interested in LED upgrades, battery backup systems or finding the right detection to replace old technology, TLS is a trustworthy partner to help you make the right decisions. We seek the best long-term solution and most value for the customer.

TLS can help with:

  • Battery Backup Systems
  • Emergency Preemption
  • Flashing Yellow Arrow
  • LED Traffic Signal Heads
  • LED Roadway Luminaires
  • Loops
  • Pedestrian Push Buttons, ADA Upgrades
  • POD Detection
  • Radar Detection
  • Reflective Backplates
  • Video Detection 

Traffic Signal Coordination Services

According to statistics, inadequate traffic signal coordination costs businesses money each year, which is why TLS has worked with the top traffic engineering firms in Arkansas and Oklahoma to keep traffic moving and cut costs for local governments. We can provide the following services as a result of our collaboration with premier traffic engineering firms:

  • Traffic Studies
  • Timing Plans with Implementation
  • Signal Coordination via GPS Time Sync
  • Signal Coordination via Wireless Communication

Remote Management by our partner Signal System Management (SSM)

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