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Street Lighting

Street Light Maintenance & Repair

Street lighting covers most major streets and roads. We keep them operating correctly by changing the photocells, lamps, or upgrades.

When it’s time to replace the aging HPS or HID lighting, many places will use LED lighting for its cost-saving abilities. Even though the initial cost might not be different, the power usage will save the customer over time. We also offer Maintenance Agreements to help you manage maintenance costs and street light repair services.

Street Light Services

  • LED Upgrades
  • Light Pole Repair
  • Footings
  • Conduit Repairs 
  • Wire Installation (Aluminum or Copper)
  • High Mast Lighting
  • Theft Deterrent Products

LED Street Lights

Traditional lighting systems are only 40 to 60% as efficient as LED lights. Although LED street lights are more expensive at first, they use less energy and require less street light maintenance. Because of the long lifespan of LED street lighting, your city won’t have to worry about replacing damaged bulbs as frequently.

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