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School Zone Flashing Lights

School Zone Flashers

School Zone Flashers promote a safe environment that encourages students to walk and bike to school. When School Zone Flashers are engaged, they are active traffic management devices that can help motorists adjust their behavior. Passive devices, such as simple school zone signs, designate a crossing but leave it up to the driver to assess whether or not they need to modify their speed depending on the time of day. Eliminate the need for drivers to guess whether or not to slow down by installing beacon flashing in your school zones. TLS will program the flashing school light when to turn on and off, depending on when the school takes in and lets students out. 

School Crosswalk

School Crosswalks are used to alert drivers of pedestrians crossing the street. There are three main types of school crosswalks, varying in design, and more.

  1. Rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) are pedestrian-activated conspicuity modifications used in conjunction with a pedestrian, school, or trail crossing warning sign to increase safety at uncontrolled, designated crosswalks.
  2. In-pavement lighting is a type of lighting embedded in the pavement and oriented toward approaching vehicles. When activated, in-road warning lights flash in tandem to alert cars to pedestrians actively crossing the road.
  3. The HAWK beacon, high-intensity activated crosswalk beacon, is a traffic control device that stops traffic and allows pedestrians to cross safely. A HAWK beacon aims to allow protected pedestrian crossings, stopping road traffic only as needed. Only marked crosswalks require the use of a HAWK beacon.

School Light Maintenance

The high volume of foot traffic in school zones requires effective regular maintenance of your school lights. Maintaining the operation of your School Lights will help possible unattentive drivers keep an eye out for students and teachers walking to and from school, who may not always be paying attention.

School Zone Safety

Stop and yield to pedestrians crossing the crosswalk or intersection in a school zone when the flashers are blinking. Always come to a complete stop if you see a student, school patrol officer or a crossing guard holding a stop sign. Keep an extra eye out for children near schools, playgrounds, and parks, as well as in all residential neighborhoods.

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