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Pedestrian Crossing Lights

Pedestrian Crossing Signal Systems

Provide outstanding safety for your pedestrians by installing an in-road flashing pedestrian crossing signal system from TLS. Pedestrian Crossing Signal Systems are beneficial in mid-block crosswalks, roundabouts, and school zones since they inform the driver without creating roadside clutter. A pedestrian crossing sign can be activated by various methods, including push-button, passive/movement activation, planned activation, or interaction with current traffic systems, and powered by either solar or AC arrangements.

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

Rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs) are pedestrian-activated conspicuity modifications used in conjunction with a pedestrian, school, or trail crossing warning sign to increase safety at uncontrolled, designated crosswalks.

In-Pavement Lighting

In-pavement lighting is a type of lighting embedded in the pavement and oriented toward approaching vehicles. When activated, these in-road pedestrian crossing lights flash in tandem to alert cars to pedestrians actively crossing the road.

High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk Beacon

The HAWK beacon, a high-intensity activated crosswalk beacon, is a traffic control device that stops traffic and allows pedestrians to cross safely. A HAWK beacon aims to allow protected pedestrian crossings, stopping road traffic only as needed. Only marked crosswalks require the use of a HAWK beacon.

Pedestrian Crossing Maintenance

Maintenance is vital for Pedestrian Crossing Signal Systems because, without proper function, motorists can not rely on these systems to warn them about pedestrians in the roadway. 

Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety Tips

  • Walk with care and with all sense.
  • Look towards oncoming traffic.
  • Never assume a driver has seen you when you are about to cross the road, it’s your responsibility to save yourself.
  • Avoid crossing roads where drivers may not be able to see you.
  • Wait for a suitable gap in the traffic flow before crossing the road.
  • Never jump over the divider railings. You may tumble on to the traffic.
  • Always hold the hands of children while crossing the road.
  • Avoid using roads for morning walks and jogging.
  • Take extra care if you have to cross the road on or near a crest or curve.
  • Avoid crossing roads between parked cars.
  • Crossing the road by the shortest and most direct route reduces your time on the road.


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