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We provide turnkey installation of many systems, including:

  • School Zone Flashers
  • Driver Feedback Signs
  • LED Flashing Signs 
  • RRFB

All systems are available as a 120V or solar application.


We program school zone flashers to the schedule of the City or School District. We also ensure all programming is done in accordance with manufacturer and MUTCD standards. 

Damage Repairs

We are at your service to repair damage promptly and keep your systems running year round


(High-Intensity Activated crossWalK beacon) – This is the advanced crossing system involving signals for the motoring public. This is by far the safest system by design.


(Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon) – Are crosswalk indications designed to get the motoring public’s attention for when the pedestrian wishes to cross the street. This system has poles on each end of the crossing with flashing lights.


These indications are just like those at airports. They install in the road and face the drivers. They are activated just like any other crosswalk.

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