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Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement

What is a Maintenance Agreement?

The Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement is a contract between the customer and TLS. The customer pays a monthly fee (or annually, if preferred) for each signalized intersection, school zone flasher, or flashing sign covered under the agreement.

In return, TLS provides an annual inspection for each of these installations. For a signalized intersection, this includes testing and certification of the conflict monitor, cleaning the controller cabinet, changing the air filter, and a detailed report on the operation of the traffic signals. This report includes a list of items that need maintenance or repair. For school zone flashers, we also implement the school’s timing plan once a year. The annual inspection is provided at no additional cost, it is included with the monthly fee.

Customers who have a Maintenance Agreement also receive a discounted price on labor, equipment, and material, as well as savings on mileage for trouble calls. Also, in the event equipment needs to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair, the customer receives the benefit of temporary equipment at no cost.

Maintenance Agreement Includes

Annual Traffic Light Inspections

With our annual traffic signal maintenance agreement, we will perform an inspection of your traffic lights, once a year.  You will receive a report on what we found and you can use this list for budgeting repairs and the operating condition of your intersection. We also keep a log of traffic signal repairs and inspections performed at your intersection. 

Conflict Monitor Test & Certification

The Conflict Monitor/MMU is the safety device for the traffic signal. If there is a problem with the traffic signal controller, or if the signal light wiring is damaged, the conflict monitor/MMU puts the signal into flash.

This is why you should have a Conflict Monitor/MMU Certification Test, which should be performed every year, two years maximum. As a customer with a maintenance agreement, we will provide the Conflict Monitor/MMU Certification Test results with your annual inspection report.

Cleaning & Testing

As part of the annual inspection, we will clean your traffic signal cabinet and change the cabinet filter. We will check the operation of the traffic signal controller, cabinet fan and thermostat, and vehicle/pedestrian detection. We also check all connections in the traffic signal cabinet making sure they are torqued properly.

Traffic Light Repairs

Upon notification of any trouble at an intersection, we will send our traffic signal maintenance contractors to assess the problem and make repairs on-site, if possible. If the equipment cannot be repaired on-site and requires the equipment to be taken to the lab for testing and repairs, we will install loaner equipment at no charge until your equipment is either repaired or replaced.

Activities Log

We create a Repair and Maintenance Activities Log of any service calls, repairs, maintenance, testing, or signal timing modifications. A printed report will be furnished with your monthly invoice reflecting the date, time, nature of the service call, and activities we performed at any location covered under this agreement. These records are kept in our database indefinitely, with additional reports available to you upon request.


We keep an inventory of cabinets, controllers, conflict monitors, detectors, time switches, and other various traffic signal-related equipment to relieve you of the need to keep your own inventory of spare equipment.

Annual Inspection

Your signal equipment is covered by the Traffic Signal Maintenance Agreement and will be checked and tested for proper operation annually. Records of these checks and tests (and all subsequent services) are kept in our computer database. The periodic testing of critical monitoring equipment at each signalized intersection includes a test of the conflict monitor and its associated circuitry to verify proper operation. Also included in the annual inspection is the maintenance of the control cabinet interior (such as changing the air filter and testing the cooling fan). In addition, we check:

  • Light and Switch
  • Controller Display
  • Operation of all Loops and/or Video Detection
  • Pre-Emption
  • Operation of all Microwave Detection
  • Operation and Condition of Ped Push Buttons and Signs, Signals, Backplates, Poles, Mast Arms, Street Name Signs and Regulatory Signs
  • Street Lighting
  • Lamps or LEDs on all Ped Heads

We tighten lugs and test the polarity and voltage of incoming power. We vacuum out the Controller Cabinet. If there are any minor parts needing to be replaced, we will install them and you will be invoiced for parts only.

Maintenance Agreement Benefits

Customer With vs. Without Maintenance Agreement

When deciding between contract versus non-contract service for your traffic signals and warning signs maintenance, consider the benefits of a Maintenance Agreement.

With a Traffic Light Maintenance Agreement, a customer saves a considerable amount as compared to one without one.


With a Maintenance Agreement, you will save up to 30% on each service call.


One service call can cost more than the cost of having an intersection covered by a Maintenance Agreement for the entire year.

Annual Inspections

The Annual Inspection that is included in the Maintenance Agreement takes approximately three hours to perform. With a Maintenance Agreement, we will perform this at no additional cost.

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