Arkansas River Bridge at I-244 IM-TIGR(497)SS/NHIPPY-0244-2(505)

Manhattan Road & Bridge Company
Year Built:
Project Cost:
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Project Summary:

As the Electrical Contractor hired by Manhattan Road & Bridge Company, Traffic & Lighting Systems, LLC was proud to be chosen to work on one of the State of Oklahoma’s most challenging and rewarding bridge reconstruction projects. This involved the installation of LED roadway lighting on the Arkansas River Bridge, installing LED pedestrian lighting for walking/jogging trails as well as call box and video surveillance security features.  

Scope of Work:  

  • The LED Roadway Lighting was a cutting edge use of LED’s for the State of Oklahoma. This lighting provides an environmentally friendly option for lighting roadways as well as a cost effective option for maintenance purposes. 
  • The pedestrian bridge and trail lighting installed on this project involved us performing photometric testing to ensure that the installation met the exact project design.
  • The Utility Trough Conduit is a support system to facilitate the placement of all of the communication cable and fiber optics used on this bridge as well as future utility crossings on the bridge.
  • The Emergency Call Boxes and Surveillance Cameras installed on this project were used on the Pedestrian trails portion of this project. This State of the Art equipment not only met but in some aspects, exceeded the original project specifications. 
  • The fiber optic communications systems were installed to transmit surveillance video to the City of Tulsa. 

Additional Project Details 

  • Type of Construction – Bridge Reconstruction
  • Physical Size of Project – 1 mile
  • Contract Value - $6,702,075
  • Calendar Length of Project – 55 months
  • Percentage of labor that is self-performed – 91%  

Evaluation of Trade Contractors:

Traffic & Lighting Systems, LLC worked on this project with other contractors whom we have experience working with previously. They were utilized based upon previous experiences and competitive bidding.  

Merit Shop Vendors/Suppliers: 

Reiss Painting Company of Tulsa, LLC and Dolese Bros. Co. assisted in the successful completion of this project.

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