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Drilled Shaft Foundations

Drilled Shaft Foundations

Need a deep foundation for your next project? TLS is the drilled shaft foundation contractor for you.

Installing a deep foundation can be a daunting task. Drilled shafts, called drilled piers, caissons, or bored piles, are deep foundation solutions to support your structures. Drilled shaft foundations are made by excavating cylinder-shaped shafts into the earth through the bedrock and filling them with concrete that can be reinforced with steel if desired.

It is a common choice for deep foundations. Compared to pile-driving equipment, drilling equipment becomes lightweight and user-friendly, which might decrease construction costs.

There are a lot of different drilled shaft foundation contractors, and it can take a lot of work to know which contractor is right for your needs.

We are a fully insured, drilled shaft foundation contractor with one of the top safety records in Oklahoma and Arkansas. We provide turn-key drilled shaft foundation services, including drilling, reinforcing steel installation, and concrete placement.

When choosing a drilled shaft foundation contractor, selecting a company with experience in your specific project type and soil conditions is vital. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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