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SignalTek will dissolve and become TLS Group, Inc. Read More

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SignalTek will dissolve and become TLS Group, Inc.

SignalTek Will Officially Dissolve And All Operations Will Continue Under The Name TLS Group, Inc The company will now serve Oklahoma and Arkansas under one name OKLAHOMA CITY – October 30, 2023 – Following a recent merger, Traffic & Lighting Systems is now called TLS Group, Inc.. This name includes all operations for SignalTek Inc, […]

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Tornado Season 2022 & Tornado FAQ

Tornados are a common occurrence in this region, and they can be pretty devastating. That’s why it’s essential to know when tornado season is, how to prepare for them, what you should do if you find yourself in the middle of one, and other frequently asked questions about tornadoes that people often have. Below is […]

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Directional Boring

Directional Boring What Is Directional Boring? Directional boring is a method for laying underground pipes, wires, and conduits without digging trenches. It has a minimum impact on the surface, making it the method of choice in instances when traditional trenching is not viable or where minimal surface disturbance is desired. Drilling a pilot hole with […]

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